Study tour to Malaysia of Faculty of Economics’ Talented students

In order to widen students’ knowledge of foreign education environment, strengthen opportunities of international cooperation and promote studying at higher levels of students, from July 23rd to July 26th, 2017, a study tour to Malaysia for Talented students of Cohort 14 was supported by University of Economics and Law and Faculty of Economics and led by Lecturer Mai Le Thuy Van.

Despite being in the national holiday of Malaysia, the students of the Faculty of Economics were still warmly welcomed by Prof. Goh Kim-Leng and his colleagues from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEA) of the University of Malaya (MU) - located in Kuala Lumpur - is the first public university in Malaysia with World University ranking is 114 (dramatical improvement compared to its ranking 133 in 2016).

At the meeting, students of Faculty of Economics had chance to share interesting information of all training program, learning opportunity, cultural exchanges. With many experiences in training and research, the FEA is highly appreciated by QS in many fields, i.e Economics and Econometrics (top 200), and Development research (top 50), Statistics and applied research (top 150) etc. Faculty of Economics’ students are completely satisfied to find the similarity in the training program, culture, prestige, modern and friendly education environmnent, as well as opportunities to study in student exchange, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

         This study tour met the needs of practical exploration, communication skill enhancement, learning experience in the international education environment for Faculty of Economics’ students. This is an extremely meaningful program to help students of the Faculty of Economics expand their opportunities to study in the future, broaden their visions, open their minds for positive changes and actions to contribute socio-economic prosperity of Vietnam.

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