Mission - Vision - Objective

Mission: FE provides the society with high-quality human resources and scientific products in the field of Economics, Public Economics and Management and contributes to pushing ahead the socio- economic development of Vietnam in the context of international integration.

Vision: Until 2025, FE will become one of leading centers for training, scientific research, policy consultancy and argument in Vietnam and ASEAN in Economics and Public Economics and Management. Learners have knowledge and abilities to work in the global competitive environment.

Objective: To achieve its mission and vision, FE sets goals until 2025 as follows:

-   To develop a staff of lecturers that are devoted, highly professional in teaching and scientific research.

-   To perfect the modern, integrated training program which preserves national cultural beauties.

-  To create the most advantageous academic environment for students and lecturers, and develop strong research groups.

To strengthen international cooperation, academic exchanges with famous universities in ASEAN and the world.

Visit total: 330,975