Field trip of Students of K17 High quality class in An Giang Province

From 4-7 April, FE has organized a fieldtrip for 34 students of K17403C class. Ms. Pham My Duyen, Ms. Dinh Hoang Tuong Vi who are FE’s lecturers had joined at that trip.

After 3 days of An Giang fieldtrip, students visited the Loc Troi Group which is an agricultural producer in the Mekong Delta, Loc Troi Group is known via  the "Ngoc Heaven" name which is an exporting product. Students had the opportunity to explore the rice chain of the Group which associate between Loc Troi Group with farmers to build raw materials on more than 75,000 hectares in the Mekong Delta. At Thoai Son food plant of Loc Do Group, students was introduced to the process of rice production at their factory, visited the most modern plant in the Mekong Delta.

In addition, managers, lecturers and students had discussed about the “big farm field”, what factors affect their activities as well as potential growth of agriculture sector.

Visit total: 331,037