"Vietnam Economy - 30 years of Innovation and Development" Book Launch

Reference Book

Vietnam Economy - 30 Years of Innovation and Development”

Innovation task and internationally economic integration in Vietnam has been taking place for nearly 30 years with significant achievements and challenge. Summarizing and evaluating renewal business is considered as a essential function that the government has been excecuting so as to sum up the matter of arguments and vivid reality of the road to Socialist in Vietnam, create the new advance for our country.

In the last few years, Faculty of  Economics in University of Economics and Law had participated in doing research in our country’s innovation task and internationally economic integration. There are many pieces of research were promulgated in the form of themes, science articles placed in specialist press and seminar.

Last May, Falcuty of Economics gathered some lecturers’ research works to publish a Reference Book named “Vietnam Economy - 30 Years of  Innovation and Development”. This book embraces 2 parts of content:

          Part 1: Fundamental relation of Innovation and development. This chapter concentrate on analysing relations in the Vietnamese renewal and development process.

          Part 2: Institution reform and growth forces in Vietnam. This chapter focus on reforming process of economic regulation, revivaling modal of growth, innovating state-owned enterprises, expanding market and sources attending to development.

Falcuty of Economics has the honour of introducing this book.

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