Assessment at program level Bachelor of Public Economics and Management

From 8th to 10th, January, 2019, the assessment at program level of Bachelor of Public Economics and Management (BPEM)  had been hold at University of Economics and Law. The accreditation  included  2 assessors: Dr Evageline P. Bautista from the Philippines and Dr Herman Parung from Indonesia has spent hard working days with 6 interviews and different  activities.


Along with Bachelor of Economics , BPEM is the second program of Faculty of Economics which had been assessed. The accreditation highly evaluated the thorough preparation of UEL as well as FE for the assessment and gave several preliminary comments in order to contribute to the program. The results from this assessment will be the fundamental for FE to enhance the quality of BPEM in the future and reach the mision and vision of FE. 

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